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Overnight Legacy Modernization: How We Do It

ByMy Order Point January 11, 2022 Overview

You've been notified that your legacy ERP vendor has a new version update available. It contains many new features that would be useful to your company. You decide to get this update to your ERP software. What is involved to get these new enhancements?

For a typical legacy ERP platform, here's some of the tasks you may need to perform:

  • Setup test environment for new legacy software version
  • Perform file conversion process from old version database to new
  • Re-apply ERP program source code modifications to the new ERP source version
  • Test new version in test environment
  • Schedule GO LIVE and downtime
  • Install new LIVE software
  • Re-apply custom program modification to LIVE
  • Train new users as needed
  • Troubleshoot any implementation specific issues on new version

As you can see, for legacy ERP software where the source code was modified for your ERP platform (as most companies do), there are many steps to coordinate to get new enhancements.

How can we simplify the process to get more advanced functionality to our legacy ERP users? My Order Point solves the problem on complexity when having to modernize your legacy application environment. My Order Point's secure real-time hub, Enterprise+ Connector™, allows new advanced software to interact with your existing ERP Legacy application databases via a web service interaction. This type of capability is available in more modern web-based platforms but My Order Point delivers that for your legacy ERP platform with micro-services pre-mapped to your legacy information.

The real-time hub allows My Order Point to interact with your IBM i user interface, databases, web services and application programs. My Order Point's Enterprise+ WorkSpace™ allows you to run your existing IBM i legacy ERP application screens within while allowing integrated access to Advanced Add-on Apps that let you do more work on one screen that would require several within your legacy software.

The Enterprise+ WorkSpace™ has an integrated data entry robot, Enterprise+ Robot™, that speeds up data entry when handling large orders. The automation tasks performed are not able to be performed in even more modern systems so this is a great advantage for many users.

A typical installation of My Order Point takes less than a day. The software can be installed securely at your company's location or in the Cloud overnight while your users are away. When they return in the morning, they can watch their brief training video and get started right away with the new user experience provided by My Order Point's workspace.

In addition, My Order Point can allow your business to interact securely and in real-time with your legacy ERP information for authorized users. With Enterprise+ Connector™, you can perform modern web-based interactions with our extensible API to do things like:

  • Provide accurate customer contract pricing on your website
  • Add orders from website to ERP in real-time
  • Create quotes from a opportunity
  • Provide real-time tracking status on your website
  • Retrieve real-time inventory counts from supplier web sites

Our unique approach removes the headaches on bringing new modern Advanced Add-on Apps and functionality to your existing legacy ERP platform and more. My Order Point will help your company maximize it's ROI with your legacy ERP platform.

That's because we build on what you already own. No wrecking ball. No overhaul. That's what you needed us to do and we listened. Legacy ERP modernization never has been easier!

Click here to learn more about how your company can benefit from our complete modernization solution for legacy ERP users.