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Overnight Legacy Modernization: How We Do It

ByMy Order Point January 11, 2022 overview

My Order Point's installation is fast and easy! We don't believe in a long implementation process. We have designed our service to get up and running after a simple download. Read more about our modernization process.

Don't Change Horses. Build on What You Have to Maximize ROI.

ByMy Order Point January 10, 2022 overview

You have invested a lot into your existing infrastructure and customized it to suit your needs. Our philosophy involves building on what you already have. Read more about how we help maximize ROI with IBM i.

My Order Point: Your 360° Modernization Solution.

ByMy Order Point October 8, 2021 overview

My Order Point provides a 360° modernization experience for your IBM i Legacy applications. No need to learn new GUI development and web integration tools. My Order Point provides them all to be a complete modernization service. Read more to learn how we modernize technology for our IBM i clients.

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