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Overnight Legacy Modernization: How We Do It

ByMy Order Point January 11, 2022 overview

You've been notified that your legacy ERP vendor has a new version update available. It contains many new features that would be useful to your company. You decide to get this update to your ERP software. What is involved to get these new enhancements?

Don't Change Horses. Build on What You Have to Maximize ROI.

ByMy Order Point January 10, 2022 overview

Darryl is the new CIO of a wholesale distributor charged with modernizing his company's IT infrastructure. His company operations revolve around a legacy ERP application: his company's well-oiled processing workhorse. However, his companies legacy systems need modernization to leverage current technologies to maintain it's competitive edge.

My Order Point: Your 360° Modernization Solution.

ByMy Order Point October 8, 2021 overview

Your IBM i legacy system is the backbone of your enterprise. You've customized your platform for years and perhaps find it streamlined at this point to perform your company business. It works fine for ordering, invoicing, inventory and purchasing. You have built reporting over your legacy system and have a process in place for now to perform streamlined customer service.

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