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Add-On App: Sales Order Entry

Your employees have been using your Legacy ERP Order Entry application for years. Here are some points to consider:

  • Do your sales reps require many screens to do their job and feel limited by the legacy user interface?
  • Do you want to make special ordering of non-inventory items more efficient?
  • Do you want to archive linked documents and attachments to quotes and sales orders?
  • Do you want to utilize Dynamic Pricing in addition to your existing legacy contract pricing algorithms?
  • Do you need to make ordering and re-ordering same products less time-consuming?
  • Would you like to generate legacy Sales Orders from your sales portal (ex.

Your IBM i Legacy Order Entry application is used frequently throughout your company but your users feel limited by the presentation. The smaller screen size requires users to display multiple screens, websites, internal databases, spreadsheets and more to perform their work. The legacy system has been customized and your Order Entry staff needs an integrated solution that allows them to be more productive.

Our Sales Order Entry Advanced Add-on App for Enterprise+ WorkSpace™ provides a user-experience that takes advantage of your screen size and connects to your IBM i DB2 database (and more) and legacy algorithms for customer pricing and inventory. It allows for automation in handling of both special order and stock items as well as attaching rich documents like contracts, specification sheets and more to source quote and order documents.

Sales Order Entry also provides a number of productivity tools like Customer and Web Catalog Order Pads, Drag-and-drop, Document Restore, and Data Entry Undo. Also, our Enterprise+ Robot™ performs utilizes entry automation that can enter line items into your Legacy Order Entry application up to 29 times faster than a human!

And there's much more to show you with examples of how our customers have used our workspace's Sales Order Entry app as their cornerstone for real-time integrated order processing with their Legacy Application.

IBM on Modernization:

"By 2023, 90% of current applications will still be in use, but most won't be modernized.
Cloud-enable your applications in a phased approach that best fits your goals and architecture."

(Ref: IBM Cloud: Modernize Applications. Simplify and extend apps with an open, hybrid, cloud. Dec 2019.)

Sales Order Entry™ Features

Modernized User Experience

Our intuitive state-of-the-art user experience is ideal for new users unfamiliar with IBM i Legacy application screens.

Multi-Document Interface

Edit multiple sales orders within a single workspace and click tabs to switch between them.

Global Item Search

Search your new master item repository consisting of items setup in your ERP plus non-inventory item data.

Real-time Inventory Counts

Access accurate real-time inventory counts from your Legacy ERP for sales staff entering orders.

Dynamic Pricing

Display current customer contract price to sales staff via direct access to your Legacy pricing algorithms.

Longer Item Descriptions

Use more user-friendly product descriptions in your ordering process instead of short legacy descriptions.

File Attachments

Add visible or hidden notes and file attachments to sales orders for a centralized archive of documentation.

Order Acknowledgements

Generate attractive Customer Order Acknowledgments accessible via a secure Cloud link.

Specification Sheets

Generate Product Specification Sheets dervied from product information derived from one or more data sources.

Copy Order Function

Copy one order to another and remove some lines with our Group Delete function. Then add more lines as needed.

Customer Order Pad

Create customer or company specific order pads to speed up the order entry process for repeat orders.

Web Catalog Order Pad

Order items from the integrated web catalog broken down by product category, manufacturer, or categories you define.

Request Approval

Request management approval over a certain order total before allowing an order to be submitted for processing.

Submit Legacy ERP Order

Submit orders directly to your Legacy ERP application and receive a Legacy Order number instantly in real-time.

Visible or Hidden Comments

Add order comments and optionally hide them from view to provide internal documentation for sales staff.

Filter Detail

Filter a large order into a few items quickly with our robust order filtering.

Item Speed Entry

Quickly enter new lines by typing SKU and pressing ENTER.

Copy Lines between Orders

Copy-and-paste lines from one order to another. Delete multiple lines at once. Drag-and-drop new items to order.

Order Restore & Undo

Restore a previously saved version of an order. Undo changes before saving them.

Executive Dashboard

Review your sales performance with ad-hoc queries for orders and quotes created by your company. Integration

Generate real-time quotes and orders directly from using opportunity details.

Advanced Add-on Apps for Enterprise+ Workspace

A Workspace for your WHOLE Enterprise

Integrating IBM i® + Third-party Databases + Web Services

Real-time Integration

Our Workspace Add-on Apps interact in real-time with your Legacy ERP to provide users with more current data by eliminating overnight synchronization processes.

Legacy Beautify™

Our proprietary 5250 screen beautification algorithm that generates a dynamic interface without requiring screen-by-screen custom development tools.

Smart Panels

Our AI automatically identifies key fields on screens and automatically extends your 24 line 80 column IBM i® screen with data panels derived from multiple sources.

Session Optimizer

Our proprietary workspace IBM i® client session monitor that optimizes system resources by detecting inactive workspace and suspending them with bookmark and signoff.

Robot Tools

Our robot tools allow you to copy-and-paste lists of items to be entered into the legacy application. Press PLAY and watch our Enterprise+ Robot do the data entry for you!

Developer API

Our customizable real-time hub that provides a common point of real-time interaction for your IBM i® legacy application, internal databases, and third-party web services.

Simply Request a Demo by clicking here and we will contact you with more information.
Yes. Our Legacy Beautify™ AI is designed to re-present the IBM i Legacy screens in beautified format, whether they are modified or not. Most IBM i refacing solutions require programming in a third party development tool. Our AI-driven approach is unique performs the beautification process for all IBM i Legacy ERP screens - whether they are customized or not.
Yes. We have a number of real-time Enterprise+ Connector™ microservices pre-mapped to several ERP applications. If we don't have one already, we will work with you to build a custom microservice to suit your needs.
Yes. Our Enterprise+ Connector™ microservices can be mapped to alternate database servers or Amazon Web Services if you move off of IBM i.
Yes. We provide a secure real-time bridge to your Legacy ERP application and more with our Enterprise+ Connector™. This bridge allows you to securely access ERP customer contract pricing, real-time inventory status, order submittal, order status, and AR account status. All these improve customer satisfaction and reduce operations cost via Cloud-enabled self-service.
Yes. Everyone does this a little different so we designed our solution with this in mind. You can customize our Advanced Add-on Apps via a number of configuration options designed to tailor your Enterprise+ WorkSpace™ to suit your company needs. Our Enterprise+ Framework is designed to allow you to extend our applications with your own custom defined microservices so you can access more data within the Workspace. Many of our customers have developed their own custom Workspace Add-On Apps by utilizing our Enterprise+ Framework that visualizes your IBM i applications in Cloud-enabled format. We work with our customers during the implementation phase to customize the Workspace apps to suit their needs.
Yes. We give web education on how to develop your own applications using our Enterprise+ Framework. You can continue to develop in the IBM i legacy programming language (ex. Cobol, RPG IV) and utilize our framework to present your applications screens via our Cloud-based client app. This allows you to have an improved user experience while programming in the language you are most familiar.
Yes. In fact, this is the most typical deployment strategy. You can start with just a few users and then add more users in time, if you decide. You have a choice to deploy to all or some users.

Advanced Add-on Apps

for Sales Order Entry

Improve productivity with our REAL-TIME apps that enhance your Legacy ERP user experience.

Our Testimonial

Complete Recent Product For

Our Customer

I think you have a real winner here! I can't think of a reason why users WOULDN'T want it!

James MoodyCOO - daly.commmerce

All we did was log into the My Order Point site, follow the online training, and start working. It was as simple as that.

Michael Smith - COO, Johnston Industrial

We were able to use the My Order Point UI to display five times the amount of information as our legacy ERP so users were not clicking back and forth several times between screens.

Dale Ohsberg- VP Operations - Marco Rubber

The My Order Point platform was a perfect starting point to present information specific to our business.

Dale Ohsberg- VP Operations - Marco Rubber

I think you have a real winner here! I can't think of a reason why users WOULDN'T want it!

James MoodyCOO - daly.commmerce

Performance was very fast even though the single page was accessing and presenting information from about 40 tables from both our Infor ERP and the gigabytes of data in MySQL hosted in AWS.

Dale Ohsberg- VP Operations - Marco Rubber

All we did was log into the My Order Point site, follow the online training, and start working. It was as simple as that.

Michael Smith - COO, Johnston Industrial

This approach saved us thousands of dollars and months of development time because we didn't have to start from scratch.

Dale Ohsberg- VP Operations - Marco Rubber

I think you have a real winner here! I can't think of a reason why users WOULDN'T want it!

James MoodyCOO - daly.commmerce

We had been on our ERP for 20 years and My Order Point for 10. Even though our business needs outgrew the ERP, we still use My Order Point because it connects to our legacy data and transactions.

Dale Ohsberg- VP Operations - Marco Rubber

Not converting our old legacy transactions to our new ERP saved thousands of dollars and months of time on the transition. We uploaded 100% of our ERP data in its original table and data structure to MySql on AWS.

Dale Ohsberg- VP Operations - Marco Rubber

All we did was log into the My Order Point site, follow the online training, and start working. It was as simple as that.

Michael Smith - COO, Johnston Industrial

My Order Point allowed us to turn off all that old infrastructure and still review order history and more. Huge win ? reduced cost, saved time and perpetuated continuity.

Dale Ohsberg- VP Operations - Marco Rubber

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