MOP WorkSpace
My Order Point's Enterprise WorkSpace.

The MOP WorkSpace provides that platform for running your apps. We provide a wide range of apps that are connected to one or more of your data sources and applications via the MOP Connector. Once you download and install the MOP Connector, you can gain access to several of our apps that enhance user productivity.

And many more apps...

We customize our app templates to fit your exact requirements. You can start with just a few apps and add more over time. Here are some additional apps we have created for our customers:

  • Supplier Inventory Search

    Display supplier inventory availability in real-time via web service interaction with your supplier's website.

  • Inventory Manager

    Enter inventory receipts or adjustments in real-time on a single screen and update your back office Inventory and General Ledger via the MOP Bot.

  • Customer Project Manager

    Provide a value-added service for your customers and track many orders involved in a customer-specific project schedule.

  • Tax Info Manager

    Update customer tax information within back-office system to handle new tax regulations regarding sales.

  • Catalog Search

    Allow your customer service reps to search your own website catalog right from withing the MOP WorkSpace.

  • Customer Order Pads

    Order from lists of commonly ordered items to maximize accuracy and efficiency of data entry.

  • Quoting Tool

    Provide real-time analytics between customer-to-item correlations by aggregating information from multiple systems including ventory inventory web services.

  • AI Price Engine

    Inject AI into your quoting by analyzing customer item sales activity to determine quoted price.

  • Order History

    Review back-office sales in real-time, check order status, generate an Order Preview (Pick List) all from a single screen!

Secure web services ready to access for your enterprise!

A number of web services are available from the MOP Connector and are accessible when you have our service installed. Enterprise licensing is available for your own use.

My Order Point's Integration Robot.

MOP Bot is your own personal robot dedicated to handling your data entry and inquiry to all your data assets. MOP Bot is an optional component to the MOP Connector and can provide a huge producity boost. The MOP Bot can enter data many times faster than a human and receives instructions from the MOP WorkSpace via the MOP Connector. The MOP Bot is useful in a number of scenarios:

Your new point of interaction for all your internal systems!

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