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Breathe New Life into your Legacy Applications!

Use our advanced Alexandra Framework™ for a whole new legacy application experience today.
No legacy software upgrades or wrecking ball required.
We work with what you have!

Increase user productivity and efficiency.

Try our robust
Enterprise+ Workspace™
Client for IBM i

Runs your legacy applications alongside our advanced real-time workspace apps.
Combine information from multiple sources and streamline your multi-tasking.

Say goodbye to IBM i® tiny "green screen" interfaces!

Modernize your Legacy Experience using
Legacy Beautify™

Our proprietary AI for modernizing and extending all of your IBM i® legacy application screens dynamically!
No custom development tools or technical education needed.
Even works with your modified screens!

Real-time apps linked to your existing enterprise resources!

Extend your Legacy Applications with our
Add-on Apps

Real-time apps for Sales, Customer Service, Inventory and Marketing that extend the functionality of your IBM i legacy applications.

Increase productivity with Robot AI-driven automation

Automate Data Entry with
Enterprise+ Robot™

Let us show you how our robot can enter line items into your legacy Order Entry interface up to 30 times faster than a human!

Establish your company's Private API.

Enterprise+ Connector™
as your Real-time Hub.

Don't re-invent the wheel and build your own legacy bridge.
Our JSON or XML extensible API with 100+ web service functions pre-mapped with support to a number of legacy applications.

Integrate Salesforce with your legacy application.

Create Legacy Quotes and Orders from

Use Enterprise+ Connector™ with our quote/order creation workflow from that merges current legacy customer, ship-to and product information from multiple sources.

Your COMPLETE Modernization Solution for your IBM i Legacy Applications

We provide a 360° modernization solution for your IBM i® via our state-of-the-art Workspace, Robot, Advanced Add-on Apps, and Developer API.

Advanced Workspace

Our real-time workspace provides a modernized IBM i® beautified user experience to run your existing legacy applications alongside our Advanced Add-on Apps.

Real-time Hub

My Order Point connects your IBM i® applications, internal databases, and third-party web services together as one via our customizable real-time hub that can be extended with your own web services.

We Build On What You Have!

PLAY VIDEO to see our Enterprise+ Workspace™ user experience in action!

Your Real-time Workspace for your WHOLE Enterprise!

Our Enterprise+ Workspace connects to your IBM i® legacy applications, internal databases and third-party services in real-time improving accuracy while eliminating need for data synchronization between disparate systems.

Secure IBM i® Integrated Client

Run your IBM i® legacy application right within our workspace with automatic 5250 screen beautification, Smart Panels that extend your data display from multiple sources, and Robot Tools to enter data into your legacy application many times faster that a human.

Advanced Add-on Apps

Extend your user experience with a number of Add-on Apps for Sales, Customer Service, Inventory, Marketing and IT. These Apps show much more data per screen than the legacy interface provides which results in big improvements in user productivity.

Introducing Legacy Beautify™

Dynamic AI-driven 5250 Beautification

Our proprietary AI automatically reformats your IBM i Legacy Application screens and makes them beautiful! All without programming screen by screen layouts using third-party development tools and training.

You'll be up and running quickly after a brief tutorial and your new employees will find it more user friendly than your legacy IBM i® green-screen. Modernization of user experience has never been so easy!

AI Dynamic Screen Layout

Our AI will create a beautified user experience for your legacy application users.

Smart Panels

We extend your legacy display with AI-determined related information from multiple data sources.

Session Optimizer

Our proprietary session optimizer suspends inactive client sessions to your IBM i® server.

Robot Data Entry directly into your Legacy Application!

Robot Automation

Our Enterprise+ Robot benchmarks up to 29 times faster than a human.

Fast Hands-Free Accurate Data Entry!

Our benchmark showed data entry speed at 6,844 line items per hour versus a human rate of 240 lines per hour - logging 8:46 on our stopwatch to enter 1,000 lines!

Use Robot AI to Automate Decisions

Our AI is used to determine when data entry should be paused to allow for human intervention.


Legacy Application Order Entry Benchmark

ENTERPRISE+ ROBOT        7,050 lines/hour
HUMAN        270 lines/hour

With 30+ years experience in modernizing legacy applications, we can help you today!

Advanced Add-on Apps

to extend your Enterprise+ Workspace™

Improve productivity with our REAL-TIME apps that enhance your Legacy ERP user experience.

Enterprise+ Connector™

Don't reinvent the wheel with your web developers. Leverage our time-tested and proven real-time bridge to your legacy applications, internal databases, and third-party web services like and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Pre-mapped API Web Services

We provide 70+ (and growing) real-time API services that are used to drive our Enterprise+ Workspace as well as your own internal applications. We create both XML and JSON so your software developers can start using our API right away for their own internal projects!

Customizable by You!

Extend your real-time bridge by creating your own API services. Our Enterprise+ Connector provides a great starting point for establishing your company's Private API for real-time single-point connectivity for users, suppliers and customers.

Use Our Alexandra Framework™ for App Development

We Build On What You Have.

Leverage our reliable secure time-tested framework to develop new real-time apps faster than ever before!

Integrated IBM i® Client

Our integrated 5250 screen beautified allows you to work more productively using an expansive user interface that combines data from multiple sources.

Advanced Applications

Add-on Applications that don't use active session on your Legacy Server and can works with real-time data to improve speed and accuracy.

Real-time Hub

A single secure point of interaction to access real-time connected data sources, applications programs and third-party web services.

Robot Tools

Automation tools with AI to perform manual data entry tasks at a fraction of the time normally spent.

Third-Party Adapters

Integrate with external web services like and Amazon Web Services to provide real-time bridges that integrate multiple systems as one.

Developer API

Save time and money on development costs by leveraging our secure real-time API bridge that consists of over 70 web services pre-mapped to your legacy application.

Our Testimonial

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Our Customer

I think you have a real winner here! I can't think of a reason why users WOULDN'T want it!

James MoodyCOO - daly.commmerce

All we did was log into the My Order Point site, follow the online training, and start working. It was as simple as that.

Michael Smith - COO, Johnston Industrial

We were able to use the My Order Point UI to display five times the amount of information as our legacy ERP so users were not clicking back and forth several times between screens.

Dale Ohsberg- VP Operations - Marco Rubber

The My Order Point platform was a perfect starting point to present information specific to our business.

Dale Ohsberg- VP Operations - Marco Rubber

I think you have a real winner here! I can't think of a reason why users WOULDN'T want it!

James MoodyCOO - daly.commmerce

Performance was very fast even though the single page was accessing and presenting information from about 40 tables from both our Infor ERP and the gigabytes of data in MySQL hosted in AWS.

Dale Ohsberg- VP Operations - Marco Rubber

All we did was log into the My Order Point site, follow the online training, and start working. It was as simple as that.

Michael Smith - COO, Johnston Industrial

This approach saved us thousands of dollars and months of development time because we didn't have to start from scratch.

Dale Ohsberg- VP Operations - Marco Rubber

I think you have a real winner here! I can't think of a reason why users WOULDN'T want it!

James MoodyCOO - daly.commmerce

We had been on our ERP for 20 years and My Order Point for 10. Even though our business needs outgrew the ERP, we still use My Order Point because it connects to our legacy data and transactions.

Dale Ohsberg- VP Operations - Marco Rubber

Not converting our old legacy transactions to our new ERP saved thousands of dollars and months of time on the transition. We uploaded 100% of our ERP data in its original table and data structure to MySql on AWS.

Dale Ohsberg- VP Operations - Marco Rubber

All we did was log into the My Order Point site, follow the online training, and start working. It was as simple as that.

Michael Smith - COO, Johnston Industrial

My Order Point allowed us to turn off all that old infrastructure and still review order history and more. Huge win ? reduced cost, saved time and perpetuated continuity.

Dale Ohsberg- VP Operations - Marco Rubber

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Learn how to we modernize user-experiences for Infor ERP Application Plus users using our robust Enterprise+ WorkSpace™.

Preview our AI-beautified IBM i® Client, integrated Add-on Apps, turbo-charged Robot Automation Tools and real-time extensible
Developer API for Infor ERP Application Plus that powers our high productivity workspace while economizing on IBM i® resource utilization.

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30+ Years Experience in Modernizing
Legacy Applications

Our experience involves modernizing and web-enabling Enterprise IBM i® applications. We've worked with hundred of customers throughout the years and we believe in the security, integrity and reliability of the IBM i® platform and helping companies make the most of their infrastructure investment.

Reliable and Proven

Our technology has been in use for a number of years. We are not a new startup company. We have been involved in integrating to notch solutions that fit our customer's specific requirement.

Maximize Return on Investment

My Order Point builds on what you already have by providing a state-of-the-art User Experience, AI Robot Automation, Add-on Apps and an expandable real-time API data hub for your WHOLE enterprise.


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