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What is My Order Point? My Order Point is a new way of doing work in your business. A more efficient way. A faster way. And a way you can migrate to over time without having to migrate your information to yet another platform.

My Order Point is an online service that enables your business for web services and provides a Cloud WorkSpace that interacts with one or more of your internal systems in real-time and allows access to a suite of productivity apps.

We work with your current data and applications in the systems they currently reside either directly accessing the databases or via web services (made possible by our MOP Connector) Ready to use for some or all of your users while they still can use the individual systems as they do today, if they choose to do so.

Since both systems work with the same data and applications, then the user can decide which platform to work on. Choice of platform to perform work now becomes a matter of user efficiency and productivy versus being constrained by an interface with limited capabilities.

My Order Point's commitment involves staying with the best Cloud-based user interface available to our clients. Our MOP WorkSpace apps are designed to perform many tasks on a single screen and work with multiple documents via a click versus having to switch back and forth between header and detail screens for data entry. Once you experience the desktop apps that are integrated in real-time to your existsing data and business logic, you will never want to work on a less efficient interface again.

The MOP WorkSpace allows you to interact directly with one or more of your internal systems via a state-of-the art user interface that is accessed online. The interface looks-and-feels like a regular desktop application but uses the Internet for secure 24-x7 communications to your internal systems without requiring a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection.

The MOP WorkSpace is much like a Swiss-army knife. There are a wide range of apps available and ready-to-access the optimize your business workflows and enhance productivity by providing an alternate platform to do common tasks like:

We work directly with you to map to your data sources and applications that are needed to setup your configured MOP WorkSpace. We have many pre-built workspaces that work out-of-the-box with several enterprise platforms.

We realize everyone's environment is different. That is why we have built My Order Point with adaptive technology that can be changed to point to new data sources without requiring re-programming of yours or our software. And if your environment is new to us, we can give you an assessment of the effort required to establish connectivity before we begin.

What are our customers doing with My Order Point? Here are some examples:

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