WorkSpace Tailoring

We create workspaces to suit your requirements. We don't expect your business to run exactly as a predfined template so we work directly with you to determine which apps to enable for your enterprise. We understand no 2 business are exactly the same and our strategy involves changing with your changing environment.

Integration Services

Our company specializes in web enabling businesses. We are familiar with several enterprise systems and have performed detailed data mapping on a number of installatios that allow you to connect your internal applications with mobile users or third part websites. Some of the projects we've been involved in:

Web Service Enablement

Web Services is the standard for communication over the Internet between suppliers, customers and third-party service providers. Without web service capability, you enterprise won't be able to transact as fast as other business that have this capability. We specialize in enabling web services for companies so that they can start leveraging the full benefits of online processing.

Web Site Customization

Our history includes customization of many websites to allow viewing inventory online. We can work directly with your web development team or web can provide a complete website for B2B and B2C transaction handling using your existing enterprise data in real-time.

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Is there a project we can help you with. We are happy to provide a free consultation and estimate for your project.

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