Our Philosophy

Adaptation means survival of the fittest.

My Order Point's philosophy is to change with change and provide a solution that adapts to your unique enterprise environment. No two companies are exactly alike. We recognize this and provide a service that can be easily tailored to meet your specific business requirements without extensive reprogramming.

Company History

My Order Point was founded in 2004 and has been helping wholesalers and manufactures leverage the Internet to improve revenue flow and employee productivity. Formerly known as 1-Click Systems , we have provided online experiences for more than 30 Supply Chain businesses.

The My Order Point Online Service was launched in 2007 and since has provided a work space for hundreds of employees to perform their job function. Over time, the My Order Point WorkSpace expanded to include more apps and more enterprise connectors the enable our clients to maximize productivity in their own unique environment.

Our company is small but growing fast and our clients enjoy how quickly we develop apps or make enhancements to their existing apps we currently have available. We believe in small adept teams that respond quickly to each client. Our mission is to provide the best possible integrated experience of online web services that can change with your enterprise's ever changing environment.

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